Crypto is all about faith, like in case of money or gold: Vigen Arushanyan

February 29, 2024  14:04

The biggest advantage of crypto is its decentralization. In other words, there is nobody or organization that has more rights to that currency than you, as a user.

The disadvantage of a decentralized system is that you are the master of your own head. In other words, you made a mistake, you are the only one responsible.

The biggest risks in the crypto market are because the volatility is high, but with high risk comes high rewards. Statistically, 90 percent of those who bought cryptocurrency lost, not earned.

The largest shadow circulation is in cash. Crypto is a very complicated and inconvenient tool for doing shady transactions.

In the long term, you should consider keeping part of your savings in crypto.

The biggest enemy of the trader is himself. In other words, if you have the patience to wait, you will see the price you bought it for and more. However, there are two factors: can you control yourself and wait and do you have the chance to wait?

There is nothing under the money for more than fifty years. In case of crypto, like in case of money or gold, is faith. Its value is determined by the market through supply and demand. 

I believe that crypto will become commonplace. People will no longer use the SWIFT system to make transfers.

I myself give crypto to people for friends' weddings, children's birthdays. 

Interview with Vigen Arushanyan as part of's new project.


Vigen Arushanyan

Vigen Arushanyan is an entrepreneur, the founder of Coinplus, a company that produces physical crypto wallets. The company's products are protected by patents in 12 countries. In 2017, he founded the Armenian Blockchain Association – Nooor. He is a consultant to companies operating in the sector, an angel investor. He authored and teaches the first full course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Armenian universities.

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