In Russia, 17-year-old boy dies due to electric shock from iPhone charging cord

February 28, 2024  17:01

In Noginsk, a 17-year-old teenager passed away after receiving a powerful electric shock from a taped iPhone charging cable. This information was reported by the Telegram channel Mash.

According to the source, on the evening of February 27, before the incident occurred, Alexey (name changed) was talking on the phone with his girlfriend while simultaneously charging his device. According to his girlfriend, the young man suddenly screamed, and the connection with him was lost. Subsequent attempts to reach Alexey were unsuccessful.

The next morning, the teenager's body with severe burns, extending from the ear to almost the shoulder, was discovered by his mother. It is noted that on the burned pillow, there was a charred iPhone connected to the charger, which, in turn, was taped.

No other details, including other factors that may have influenced the incident, are specified.

iPhone users often tape their charging cables with tape or duct tape due to their weak durability. Typically, the cable quickly wears out and breaks, ultimately rendering it unusable.

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