US has created troop management system based on AI

February 22, 2024  16:15

The United States has created a system based on artificial intelligence (AI) for command and control of troops. This was announced by US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks during a symposium dedicated to the military use of anti-aircraft guns in Washington.

“Last summer I had challenged the [Department of Defense] CTO, and his mission partners, to deliver a minimum viable capability for CJADC2 by the end of 2023; for security reasons, I can't say where or what that capability it is,” said Hicks at an event in Washington D.C.; she added the process to achieve this was arduous and offered no further details.

CJADC2 is the combined joint all-domain command and control, an artificial intelligence (AI) data sharing solution to increase battlefield awareness for military operations.

Hicks noted that the efforts to integrate the AI into the work of the Pentagon strengthen US military capabilities, but Washington does not seek an AI arms race. At the same time, she emphasized that it is necessary for the Pentagon to invest in projects in the field of large amount of data processing, AI, cloud technologies and other similar technologies.

“Our practices date back to the 1960s when defense dollars were the main driver of American innovation and the private sector less so. The script slipped long ago with commercial tech companies now doing the lion's share of innovation, especially with data digital analytics and AI,” Hicks told the audience, adding that the Pentagon did not keep up with the way the private sector innovates.

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