ZTE presents cheapest foldable smartphone - Libero Flip

February 19, 2024  14:08

ZTE has unveiled the new budget-friendly flip phone, Libero Flip, which will be available at a very low price of just $265 for early buyers in Japan. Later, the price will increase to $420.

Libero Flip is the first foldable smartphone released under the Ymobile brand in Japan. The internal screen has a 6.9-inch diagonal, and the smartphone is also equipped with an additional 1.43-inch round display. When folded, you can check notifications and answer calls.

The dual camera features image sensors with resolutions of 50 and 2 MP, while the selfie camera in the screen has a resolution of 16 MP. You can use functions like timer shooting and control the camera with gestures, such as waving your hand. Additionally, the external screen can be used as a viewfinder.

The smartphone supports 33-watt charging, and the battery capacity is 4310 mAh.

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