How much does it cost to repair flagship Xiaomi Redmi K70?

December 11, 2023  20:28

Xiaomi has provided information on the cost of some parts, the replacement of which may be useful when repairing the soon-to-be flagship smartphone Redmi K70, reports GizmoChina.

  • Front camera replacement: 45 yuan (approximately 6.3 dollars).
  • Replacement of the ultra-wide-angle and main modules, as well as the telephoto module in the main camera: 45, 55 and 110 yuan, respectively (approximately 6.3, 7.7 and 15.3 dollars).
  • Replacement of the back cover: 95 yuan (approximately 13.2 dollars).
  • Battery replacement: 119 yuan (approximately $16.6).
  • Display replacement: 550 yuan (approximately $76.6).
  • Replacement mother memory: RMB 2,390 to 2,780 (approximately $333 to $387), depending on memory modules installed.

In addition, 40 yuan (about 5.5 dollars) is added to the cost of each part for the work of the master.

It is important to note that the prices shown are only valid in China. It is difficult to say how much all this will cost in other countries, including Armenia.

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