How to extend smartphone battery life?

November 27, 2023  14:05

A smartphone battery will retain its lifespan for a longer period if charged within the range of 40 to 90%, according to Denis Kuvikov, the Director of the regional engineering center SafeNet under the National Technological Initiative (NTI), as reported by Russia Today.

According to Kuvikov, the batteries of all smartphones inevitably degrade over time, but users can influence the speed of this process. For instance, he noted that the battery would better maintain its characteristics if the smartphone is not used in low temperatures.

"In freezing weather, at sub-zero temperatures, and even temperatures slightly above zero degrees, any battery not only discharges very quickly but also loses its operational properties. The battery's lifespan is expended in a shorter time," emphasized the expert.

However, Kuvikov suggests avoiding complete battery discharge and full charging. He recommends maintaining a charging range between 40 and 90% for normal operation.

"The idea that a phone must be discharged to zero is a myth. More accurately, it is outdated information given the development of technologies and modern materials," added the expert.

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