Powerful magnetic storm to the Earth today: How to reduce its impact on well-being?

November 16, 2023  12:02

Today the Earth will be covered by a strong magnetic storm. This storm is forecast to reach level 7 of the K index (rough planetary index), which is considered high (red), Meteoagent reports.

What is a magnetic storm?

Explosions and outbursts regularly occur on the Sun, which cause emissions of solar energy in various directions, including towards the Earth.

Solar energy consists of charged particles (protons and electrons) that can travel rapidly through space. When this energy interacts with Earth's magnetosphere, it causes activity called magnetic or solar storms.

According to scientists, magnetic storms vary in class and strength from K index level 2 to K index level 9. The higher the index, the greater the power of the magnetic storm and, accordingly, its consequences.

Storms of K index level 5 and higher can lead to deterioration of well-being of people, disruption of satellites, mobile communications and GPRS. During solar storms, K index levels 7-9 can cause auroras.

What is known about this storm?

According to data from NOAA, TESIS satellite systems and international meteorological laboratories around the world, the geomagnetic situation has started to deteriorate since November 15. the magnetic storm reached K-index level 4.

And on November 16, a strong outbreak is expected, the magnetic storm will reach the K index, level 7, which corresponds to a red level storm.

On November 17, the magnetic storm will subside and the magnetosphere will stabilize. Scientists predict the next red-level storm on November 22.

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Effects of magnetic storm on humans

Many studies show that there is a direct connection between magnetic storms on such days and how people feel. Usually people complain of headaches, weakness, more often they turn to doctors, especially cardiologists. The most common complaints are: headache, dizziness, migraine, and severe daytime sleepiness, sleep disturbance at night, general weakness, rapid fatigue, impaired concentration, increased anxiety, irritability and aggression.

However, magnetic storms pose the greatest danger to astronauts outside the protective shield of Earth's atmosphere. They are at risk of exposure to high levels of radiation, which greatly increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

How to reduce the health effects of magnetic storms

Doctors give general advice for such cases: follow a regular daily schedule, sleep at least seven to nine hours, eat vitamin-rich food, avoid spicy, unhealthy and salty foods and alcohol, rest more, do not strain physically and emotionally, take a walk in the fresh air, do exercises, ventilate the room. If necessary, consult a doctor.

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