TUMO Labs launches an 12-week AgriTech incubation program

November 1, 2023  09:13

TUMO Labs introduces a 12-week AgriTech Technology Incubation Program, aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and supported by a grant from the U.S. Embassy Yerevan. Up to three winning teams will receive $1,250 in funding, as well as incubation, fundraising and mentorship support.

The program will start with a two-day Ideathon event, and up to 60 individuals will be assessed on their leadership and team playing skills. The top six leaders will form teams and enter the 12-week incubation program with $1,250 in funding and comprehensive support. 

Following the 12-week program, winning teams will have the opportunity to join the Pre-Accelerator program run by TUMO Labs to receive mentorship and support for potential integration into TUMO Labs or external acceleration programs. TUMO Labs is committed to assisting the three final winning teams in finding early adopters for their solutions within three to six months after the Incubation Program.

“As we continue our educational programmes in upskilling and reskilling the young adults in the foundational areas, we’re thrilled to cultivate innovation in the world of agriculture through the Agri-Tech Incubation program. At TUMO Labs, we believe in nurturing sustainable solutions that will feed the future. Together, we’ll grow a greener, smarter, and more abundant tomorrow.” said Bahareh Fatemi, head of TUMO Labs.

During the program, applicants will learn the fundamental skills to kickstart a business, validate the initial proposal, test the team, find new members, and turn ideas into a winning pitch. TUMO Labs will provide all-round support from designing a business model to finding the ideal acceleration program and source of investment.

Who Can Apply: 

  • Age 18 and above.
  • Willingness to commit a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Individuals are welcome; if applying solo, TUMO Labs will assist in forming teams.
  • Regional applicants are encouraged, with transportation and accommodation support to Yerevan provided. Most incubation phase meetings can be joined online, and assistance will be offered to find local co-working spaces. Mentorship programs will be organized in various cities to foster regional community building.

To apply, email [email protected] with the subject "AgriTech Incubation 2023" and include your CV/Resume, a brief candidate description, and a motivational letter.

Read more about the Incubation Program here

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