Clients sue Atomic Wallet crypto platform and demand the return of about $12 million stolen by hackers

August 23, 2023  22:19

About 50 customers from Russia and the CIS countries affected by the hacking attack of the Atomic Wallet crypto platform will file a lawsuit against the platform, demanding to return their lost amount of about 12 million dollars.

As the IntelliNews website informs, the damage suffered by Atomic Wallet as a result of the June hacking attack exceeded 100 million dollars. Hackers from North Korea and Ukraine are suspected in the attack.

Atomic Wallet is a crypto wallet service in which personal data and customer funds are stored without the intervention of a third party (custodian). The service launched in 2017 as a cryptocurrency exchange called Atomic Swap. According to the official website, more than 5 million customers use the wallet.

German and Russian lawyers Max Gutbrod and Boris Feldman of the DestraLegal company are involved in the legal process. According to Gutbrod, each client invested varying amounts of money, ranging from $150,000-200,000 to $1-2 million.

“We are working on recovering the assets for our clients and we will be filing a class action against Atomic Wallet [...] They didn’t give our clients any information about the hack or go to the police to report it”said Max Gutbrod.

Atomic Wallet was attacked in June of this year, when many users discovered that their wallets had been emptied. American customers have already filed a class action lawsuit against Atomic Wallet in connection with the hacking of the platform.

Atomic Wallet has said that it is "doing everything" to return the stolen funds, but the creation of a concrete plan is possible only after the investigation is completed. Among the possible reasons for the hacking attack, the company mentioned the possible presence of a virus on the users' devices, an infrastructure breach, a man-in-the-middle attack or the introduction of malicious code. 

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