Polls in private chats, avatars and speeding up audio messages: new WhatsApp features

October 24, 2022  10:30

WhatsApp messenger has introduced many new features, including the ability to take polls in private chats, the ability to set a virtual avatar, and the speed up of voice messages.

Polls in WhatsApp chats

The capacity to conduct polls in private chats appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android under the number After the end of testing, this feature is expected to appear in the stable version of the messenger.

whatsapp-polls.jpg (91 KB)

The testers noticed a similar feature earlier in the messenger's group chats. In both cases, the interface and functionality of polls are the same: you can create polls with 12 or fewer answer choices. Interestingly, the polls are encrypted, and even the developers will not be able to find out what answers a particular user has chosen.

Avatars in WhatsApp

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android,, there is an opportunity to install a virtual avatar. For now, this feature is only available to some beta testers, but it is expected that soon it will be added to the main version of the application.

whatsapp-avatars.png (309 KB)

A built-in avatar generator will allow you to create a virtual copy of yourself, which you can then install in place of your profile picture. The messenger will also automatically give you a sticker pack with your new avatar. Stickers can be sent to any interlocutor.

Voice message playing speed up in WhatsApp

Another useful innovation in WhatsApp is the ability to speed up voice messages by 1.5 and 2 times. You can switch speeds using the button that appears to the right of the message when listening to it.

whatsapp-voice-messages.jpeg (38 KB)

The new feature has been tested since March 2022, now it is available to everyone who update the messenger to the latest version.

The acceleration feature is available in almost all messengers, which can send voice messages. In Telegram, for example, this feature appeared 3 years ago.

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