Will artificial intelligence ever be able to replace humans in journalism? CNN reporter shares opinion about impact of technology on media

October 21, 2022  15:40

Technology has evolved so much today that we've reached a point where artificial intelligence can create images and texts, and it becomes another challenge for journalism in terms of how the media will cope with AI-generated material verifying if it's real or not, Lara Farrar, foreign correspondent for CNN told NEWS.am Tech.  

“Тhere's going to be a very interesting situation related to content created by artificial intelligence. How will journalism deal with material created by artificial intelligence, how will it know if it's real? I don’t think we have an answer to that question at this point,” she said.  

In the case of the blogging sector, the situation is a little different, she says. Journalism tries to follow the classic rules, journalists go to great lengths to prove to the public that they are reporting the truth, finding real sources, etc. “But there will always be new players and challenges, and artificial intelligence will be one of them,” she noted.

And could artificial intelligence ever replace humans in the news industry? Lara Farrar doesn't have an answer to that question, but she says she knows one thing for sure: There may be problems of objectivity and ethics if such experiments occur, because the people who will develop a particular program have unspoken, implicit biases that may reflect themselves in the product they create.

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Farrar said journalism had always faced the problem of objectivity, In many ways, objectivity is subjective. Farrar thinks the question would be: Can artificial intelligence be more objective than humans? Or can the people who create these technologies create a text that may have biased approaches, and because of them, that text will not be objective, she said.

According to Lara Farrar, the big question will be whether human objectivity and technological objectivity can compete with each other.

"Is it possible for artificial intelligence objectivity to compete with human objectivity, or will both end up being flawed," she concluded.

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