Where in the apartment you should not put a Wi-Fi router?

July 4, 2023  10:49

Modern Wi-Fi routers do not have a very high level of radiation, but constant exposure from a fairly close distance can have a negative impact on human health, according to Mikhail Kostin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Radio Wave Processes and Technologies of the RTU MIREA.

According to him, it is undesirable to install a router in the living room and in the bedroom.

“Under the close location, the device is supposed to be placed in the [living] room, as well as where you often spend time sleeping and relaxing,” he said in an interview with Lenta.ru.

If you have to install a router in an apartment, he recommends taking some measures to ensure your safety.

“Basic security rule: if the device can be connected to the Internet via a cable, it must be connected via a cable. Turn off the router at night or for a time when you do not use gadgets,” said Kostin.

He also added that the router should be chosen according to the area of the room. It is not recommended to buy and install a special multi-channel Mesh system if the apartment is less than 50 square meters in area: such devices are designed for much larger rooms.

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