$15,000 funding for 3 winning startups: COAF launches second annual startup incubation program for alumni

October 17, 2022  18:40

The rural youth of Armenia will get the opportunity to implement their innovative startup ideas in the fields of educational technology (EdTech), financial technology (FinTech), tourism, agricultural technology (AgriTech) and Green Solutions.

This will become possible thanks to the startup incubation program for graduates of the Children of Armenia Charitable Foundation (COAF), which this year will be implemented in cooperation with the Armenian-French business accelerator StartDoon.

Тhis year’s program will consist of 3 stages.

The first component of the program is the pre-incubation period, which is a 4-month course for about 150 high school students to prepare them for entrepreneurial projects, as well as to facilitate their participation in the future incubation phase of the program.

The second (incubation) phase is intended for thirty alumni from across the regions, who have been shortlisted to participate in an intensive eight-week training program, were they will have the opportunity to validate various business ideas.

This stage will culminate with a pitching event, during which the alumni will have five minutes each to present their ideas to a jury panel, including startup experts and COAF staff.

Based on the jury’s evaluation, three winners will be selected. A fund of Fifteen thousand dollars has been allocated to this program which will be distributed among the winners to support them in their respective business initiatives. The winners of the incubation component will also secure their place in the last pre-acceleration stage, which is designed for going to market, as well as being prepared for accelerators, investments and revenue.

This is the second startup incubation program initiated for the alumni of COAF. The first one was held last year.

“Last year’s successful pilot program revealed the talent and potential of youth living in rural Armenia. Thanks to COAF's Alumni Incubation Program, three startups are already in the early stages of starting their businesses in their hometowns. COAF continues to instill and promote a culture of civic responsibility, encouraging young beneficiaries to become active drivers of innovation and progress in their communities,” comments COAF's Executive Director Korioun Khatchadourian.

During the project life cycle and afterwards entrants will be provided with industry-specific expertise, access to market resources, networking opportunities, mentorship and comprehensive trainings, covering different business areas. 

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