Wildberries reduces the guarantee fee new personal account registation

June 8, 2023  10:25

Popular Russian online marketplace Wildberries has reduced the security fee for registering a new personal account: now sellers have to pay 10,000 roubles instead of 30,000 reoubles as before.

Last year, this fee was 10,000 roubles, but in October 2022, the marketplace unilaterally and without notifying sellers suddenly increased the non-refundable registration fee for new sellers to 30,000 roubles. According to the representatives of the company, it was the customers who asked to do this.

"In September 2022, to prevent fraud on the platform (creating fake product cards and personal accounts), a guarantee fee of 30,000 rubles was introduced for new sellers to register a personal account. "The number of fraud cases has been reduced to almost zero during the operation of the program," the press service of Wildberries informs.

The company's representatives also note that they continue to develop new solutions and mechanisms to ensure reliable identification for legal entities upon registration on the platform, and thus prevent fraudsters from infiltrating and deceiving buyers.

In January this year, Wildberries also introduced a mandatory non-refundable fee of 10,000 roubles for opening a pick-up point. This decision was also justified by the fight against fraudsters. According to the representatives of the company, the application of the guarantee fee makes it possible to reduce the number of fake accounts and can additionally protect the entrepreneurs who sell their products through the platform.

Recently, Wildberries has launched a special program for entrepreneurs from a number of CIS countries, which works in case of opening new business accounts on the platform. And since May 24, the platform has reduced its commercial commission for Armenian entrepreneurs to 2%. It refers to entrepreneurs who sell household appliances and electronics on the platform: robot vacuum cleaners, computers, game consoles, kitchen appliances - more than 500 products in total.

At the same time, the marketplace is clearly not going to cancel the practice of paid product returns. The management of the company is sure that if the paid return is canceled, "the balance of interests of buyers and sellers will be disturbed."

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