Which Android smartphones will get integrated ChatGPT first?

June 5, 2023  10:20

The first to get integrated ChatGPT will not be the well-known manufacturers of Android smartphones, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, but a little-known Chinese company. According to Ice Universe insider, Infinix will become the first phone manufacturer to integrate the ChatGPT neural network into its phones.

OpenAI recently released a free iOS mobile app with ChatGPT that lets you sync chat history with the web version of the chatbot. It's a simple yet functional app that's much more convenient to use on a smartphone than a web version of a phone browser chatbot. However, it is still only available in the US.

Infinix is going to do something completely new. the company's smartphone chatbot will not be in the form of an application: it will be embedded in the operating system of smartphones and will be connected with the Folax voice assistant, which will expand the functionality of the devices.

The Infinix Note 30 series smartphones will be the first to get the pre-installed ChatGPT-based assistant. Owners of these devices will be able to use the chatbot for free, and perhaps without the need to register an account with the OpenAI service.

Most likely, this decision may encourage other Android smartphone manufacturers to test the integration of one or another version of the chatbot into their phones.

Neither Infinix nor other companies have officially announced the integration of ChatGPT chatbot in Infinix Note 30. However, experience shows that Ice Universe information is usually reliable.

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