AI will change 25% of jobs worldwide in the next 5 years

May 2, 2023  12:14

Over the next five years, almost a quarter of jobs will be changed as a result of artificial intelligence. Digitization, the transition to clean energy and the redistribution of supply chains will also contribute to these changes, according to a report published by the World Bank.

Experts of the World Bank assume that the introduction of artificial intelligence in areas of work performed by humans will initially lead to disruption of the labor market. However, in the next five years, the impact of most new technologies on the labor market will be positive, reports Bloomberg.

According to the bank's analysts, the need for specialists in the fields of cyber security, big data and sustainable management technologies will be the main driver of employment growth in the world.

The report says that the emergence of technologies like ChatGPT will allow to automate or replace with these technologies jobs related to communication and process coordination.

A survey conducted by the World Bank found that about 75% of 800 companies plan to implement artificial intelligence in their work in the next five years. According to their calculations, this will lead to up to 26 million job cuts. The cuts will affect employees in administrative and accounting positions, including cashiers and accountants.

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The World Bank summarized that macroeconomic factors, such as slowing economic growth, supply shortages and inflation, now pose a major threat to employment. The bank's analysts believe that new jobs will be created thanks to investments to be made in transition to clean technologies, as well as a broad reorientation of global supply chains.

Earlier, a study by Goldman Sachs found that in the coming years, artificial intelligence can one way or another replace 300 million workers around the world. In developing countries and people who do manual work these changes will affect the least.

The experts of the Business Insider website, in their turn, compiled a list of 10 popular professions that may completely disappear because of the development of artificial intelligence. They are programmers, journalists, legal advisors, marketers, teachers, financial analysts, traders, graphic designers, accountants and support staff.

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