110-inch, 8K first 3D monitor introduced, whose 3D images can be seen without special glasses

February 1, 2023  10:36

During the European ISE 2023 exhibition of professional audio-visual equipment, BOE introduced a monitor designed for viewing 3D content. However, in the case of this monitor, 3D glasses are not necessary to see 3D images.

According to ithome.com, this 110-inch 8K resolution 3D monitor offers a 120Hz refresh rate. The manufacturer claims that the 3D image on the TV screen can be seen by several users at different angles.

The new display uses innovative lens array technology combined with MiniLED and quantum dot lighting technology. For now, users can see stereoscopic images at a distance of no more than 1.5 meters from the screen. However, the manufacturer notes that work is ongoing, and this distance will be significantly increased in the future.

Such screens are planned to be widely used during advertising, exhibitions, and some other occasions.

At the aforesaid exhibition, the company also demonstrated the first 162-inch MiniLED TV with a maximum brightness of 1000 cd/m2, which relieves visual fatigue during long-term viewing.

The company also introduced new 65-inch 8K ultra-slim TVs with 3,024 zones of local dimming, an 86-inch interactive touchscreen, and several other products.

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