Take a leading position, provide digital infrastructure for economy, business and society: Ralph Yirikian on Ucom's new strategy

July 9, 2024  21:02

In the next five years, Ucom plans not only to take a leading position in Armenia, but also to provide a digital infrastructure that will serve the country's economy, business and society. Such a strategy was accepted and approved by the company's shareholders, and Ralph Yirikian, who took over the helm of the company from 2023, is guided by it.

In the framework of the Silicon Mountains Shirak forum, Ralph Yirikian talked to NEWS.am Tech about the new strategy and goals of Ucom, expected innovations and many other things.

"It was difficult at first"

According to Yirikian, at first it was quite difficult. It is difficult now, but despite this, the company, overcoming the crisis, is moving towards its goals, on the way to which it must change the work environment and culture so that they better correspond to the new strategy.

"We have outlined the new strategy and our employees know exactly where we are going and what we want to achieve. It gives them confidence in themselves and their future. They see that investments are being made. In February, we announced some of our investments in regional infrastructure and communications. These investments generated the impetus we needed to pursue joint projects with our team. In the beginning, it was difficult to inspire confidence in these initiatives, but thanks to consistent efforts over the last one year and four months, our team has now achieved tangible results, which inspires and motivates us even more," said the head of Ucom.

According to him, there is still a lot of work ahead. On the agenda is the issue digitization, which implies a change of infrastructure through new technologies, which will require serious work, and the staff and all partners must be psychologically prepared for it.

According to Yirikian, it is necessary to make great efforts in order for the company to reach a leading position in the country and to create an infrastructure that can really change a lot, especially since the competitors will not sit idly by during this time: they too have goals and strategies and they will strive to achieve them too.

"However, I think it will be a very interesting race. It will be hot, in the good sense of the word. Competition in our industry will benefit the country's economy and our people. If telecommunication infrastructures are developed in the country, they will contribute to the development of many branches of the economy," Yirikian said.

Digital platforms and AI

According to Yirikian, the existing systems do not have the flexibility to offer consumers a wide variety of new products. However, that could change thanks to investments in new digital platforms that will enable the company to offer interesting and diverse products. He would not say exactly what products he meant and when they would be offered as, it is still a trade secret, which the head of the company would not to reveal. However, he noted that interesting innovations would emerge after the launch of the new platforms, which is expected to happen in the second or third quarter of next year.

Answering the question about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Yirikian noted that the company already uses them, for example, in the accounting system: this system reads data from the database, analyzes it, makes recommendations and reflects very useful information such as trends and subscriber preferences. Any new platform will also include AI, which is essential today to maximize benefits for both the company and its subscribers.

Ucom is technology partner of Silicon Mountains Shirak

Ucom is the technological partner of the Silicon Mountains Shirak forum dedicated to the issue of IT development in the regions of Armenia, held on July 4 in Gyumri. At the forum, Ralph Yirikian made a presentation and talked about the company's activities outside the capital and how the creation of infrastructure and the spread of communication technologies in the regions create conditions for the development of IT companies.

According to Yirikian, the organizer of the forum, the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology, is performing a very important mission by leading the country on the path of technological and digital development. Events like the Silicon Mountains conference, according to Yirikian, give representatives of the IT sector an opportunity to share their experience, talk about the problems they have faced and which need to be solved in order to achieve the so-called "digital future", which will benefit both the country and business.

"Armenia is not only Yerevan," Yirikian told NEWS.am Tech. “If we talk about any area, we should consider it as a whole, and not only a certain part of that area. If we are talking about the development of the country, we should reach all its corners. Our ideas should spread to all regions and benefit our country, because people there also want to develop with their thinking and knowledge."

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