Apple logo design on iPad could be changed

May 28, 2024  17:21

The Apple logo design on the new iPads may be subject to change. Molly Anderson, Apple product designer, spoke about this in an interview with the French publication Numerama.

On new tablets, the logo with the image of a bitten apple can be turned upside down - and this way it will be displayed more correctly when the user holds the tablet in landscape orientation.

According to Anderson, users use iPads in both portrait and landscape modes, and therefore Apple is considering changing the logo design, but there is no final decision yet.

Moving the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors to the top side of the iPad has already made it easier to use in landscape orientation, especially when used with a keyboard. However, the location of the logo still remains oriented for vertical use of the device.

While the idea has been discussed, it's unclear if or when the logo change will be included in future iPads.

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