Apple may release an iPad app that users have been waiting for 14 years

April 24, 2024  18:44

With the release of iPadOS 18, Apple tablets may get the Calculator app, which iPad users have been waiting for about 14 years since the first version of the device was released in 2010. MacRumors reports this with reference to its sources.

PadOS 18 will include a built-in Calculator app for all iPad models compatible with the software update, which is expected to be unveiled on June 10 during the kickoff of Apple's annual WWDC developer conference.

The lack of a Calculator app on the iPad has long been the subject of memes on social media. Users have always been waiting for this utility to eventually arrive on Apple tablets, and until now, they have typically relied on third-party solutions from the App Store such as PCalc and Calcbot.

It is expected that with the release of the beta version of iPadOS 18, users will already be able to use the Calculator application on iPad. It will likely be available shortly after the WWDC announcement. The release version of the operating system will appear in the fall of 2024.

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