Deutsche Telekom presents Android smartphone with no apps: How does it work?

February 27, 2024  14:09

At the ongoing international exhibition MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom showcased a concept Android smartphone that lacks traditional applications. These functions are taken on by a chatbot working with artificial intelligence (AI), as reported by Android Authority.

At MWC 2024, Deutsche Telekom presented a concept phone entirely dependent on artificial intelligence. The operator claims that AI can fulfill all user needs and believes this represents the evolution of all smartphones in the future. The company's CEO, Tim Hoettges, stated during the presentation, "I can assure you that in 5–10 years, none of us will be using applications anymore."

Users simply need to send a request through the dialogue interface to receive travel plans or shopping recommendations. It is also possible to take a photo with the camera and ask artificial intelligence to send it to friends and family. Deutsche Telekom developed this project in collaboration with Qualcomm and Brain.AI. The latter already has an iOS application that, according to the developer, performs the same functions as this smartphone. However, most reviews of this application are negative.

However, at present, this phone remains just a concept. Its idea may be realized in commercial devices, given the existence of exotic AI devices like Humane AI Pin and Rabbit R1. Yet, it may also be forgotten as impractical.

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