Sony has unveiled new AI-powered version of Aibo robot dog

February 19, 2024  17:13

Sony Electronics Inc. the company has announced that it has launched a limited-edition Aibo Espresso Edition robotic dog powered by artificial intelligence in the US. Aibo Espresso Edition is the fourth color version of the series. This is reported by PR Newswire:

The Espresso Edition features a glossy black body with white accents and has four exclusive eye color options. There is also a variant when many eyes have different colors.

The robot dog has many sensors, cameras and actuators. Like the current white Aibo model, the Aibo Espresso Edition comes with a three-year AI Cloud Plan 1 plan, a charger, an AC adapter, a network cable and a special pink ball to play with.

Aibo Espresso Edition 2.jpg (49 KB)

The three-year AI Cloud plan allows Aibo to collect and input data about its daily life experiences, allowing the robot to develop a unique personality.

Aibo remembers the faces of its owners and their preferences. Based on its experience, Aibo learns to do things that make people smile. Users can also give it a name, and the robot learns them over time.

Aibo can also get to know different family members, listen to their commands and perform various tricks. When petted, the robot dog shows that it likes this interaction and is happy about it.

Aibo Espresso Edition 3.jpg (71 KB)

Users can also teach Aibo tricks such as sitting up, lying high and much more. Aibo can also be fed virtual food via the My Aibo app and watch it gobble it up.

The Aibo Espresso Edition is currently available on Sony's website for a retail price of $2,900.

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