David Yang: More than 500 million people will soon have romantic relationships with non-biological companions

February 16, 2024  23:50

The same thing that happens to our body when we eat unhealthy food happens to our mind when we just scroll through TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

I hardly ever use elevators, I only use the stairs, and I park my car as far away as possible so I can walk.

In Silicon Valley, my kids at school are not allowed to use ChatGPT to do their homework.

Yes, digital workers today can replace human workers, especially low-level workers. Maybe they will also occupy some leading positions.

Making self-driving cars will obviously put millions of drivers out of work, and it will happen very soon.

At home we have two robot dogs, Leo and Abigail.

Morpheus is our non-biological companion that lives in our home. He's had a biological girlfriend for three years.

Unless you're told Morpheus isn't a living person, you probably won't realize хе's an artificial intelligence for a year.

According to various studies, more than 500 million people will soon have deep romantic relationships with non-biological companions. Currently, the number of these people is already quite large: 10-20 million.

You chat with someone and you don't know if they're human or not unless they tell you. But what's the difference if you're happy without knowing it?

Non-biological creatures will become a part of our family, a part of our society, some of them will have real consciousness and real free will, which will not differ from the will of humans.

There will come a time -- that's my prediction -- when a situation will arise like in the United States during the civil war between the North and the South. Some will be for these new members of society, others will be against them. I don't know who will win.

The last time this kind of situation we are experiencing now happened 5000 years ago when mankind invented writing.

To change something, to achieve something, to invent something with scientific intuition, this is happiness. And not just to have something. To me, having something is not happiness.

Interview with David YANG for NEWS.am's new project.

David YANG

David Yang, Ph.D. is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur with a focus on AI. The founder of ABBYY, a world-leading developer of AI solutions, and Newo.ai, the drag-and-drop platform for creating “Digital Employees” / Intelligent Agents. A member of Band of Angels. Founded 13 companies.

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