iOS 18: What's new in the new operating system for iPhone?

February 12, 2024  10:15

The design of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will be inspired by VisionOS, the operating system that runs on Apple's new Vision Pro headset. This was reported by MacRumors with reference to a report from the Israeli media The Verifier.

According to the publication, the Apple TV app on iPadOS 18 will receive the same translucent navigation bar that was introduced in the tvOS 17.2 app version last year. The design of this menu also bears similarities to VisionOS.

Apple, according to rumors, also plans to change the design of various other system menus and applications built into iOS 18, including the Safari browser.

Although the information seems interesting, MacRumors urges you to take The Verifier's data with skepticism, since the publication's reputation as a source of rumors about Apple is not entirely clear.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18 at its annual WWDC developer conference in June 2024. The first beta version will appear shortly after the presentation of the new product. For all users, the update will most likely be released in September along with the iPhone 16 line or a little later.

Many experts are also confident that iOS 18 will be the most ambitious update for the iPhone since 2020. Others argue that it could become the biggest in iPhone history.

It is expected that the company will not only revise the interface design, but also increase the speed of operation, add new security options and make significant changes to the functionality of the software. Moreover, iOS 18 will likely also introduce new features based on Apple's proprietary generative artificial intelligence.

Smart reply suggestions may appear in iMessage, and generative playlists may appear in Apple Music. In addition, it is expected that Siri will become much smarter in the new version of the operating system.

iMessage may also receive other innovations: last November, Apple announced support for the cross-platform RCS messaging standard in the iMessage app in iOS, planned for 2024. This suggests that RCS support will be introduced in iOS 18, which will lead to a number of improvements in iMessage messaging between iPhone and Android devices, such as sending high-resolution photos and videos, audio messages, as well as the introduction of a typing indicator and etc.

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