When will Optimus robots go on sale and what should we expect from them?

January 25, 2024  20:20

Next year, Tesla intends to begin delivering Optimus human robots in small quantities. Over time, these robots will become an even more important part of the company’s business than electric vehicles. This, at least, was discussed during Tesla's quarterly earnings conference.

There is not yet enough information about exactly what capabilities these robots will have when they hit the market. But it is known that they will be equipped with a software protection system that will not allow third-party attackers to intercept control of the robots. Tesla will provide local blocking of such actions if they are detected.

Protection against a possible “rebellion of the machines” seems to be one of the main areas on the minds of developers. They try to incorporate special restrictions into the design and control algorithms of Optimus robots to prevent possible harm to humans. It has already been said in the past that in case of danger, a person will be able to escape from such a robot, and if a clash is inevitable, he will be able to overcome it.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also considers it extremely important to ensure the safety of these robots during their mass operation.

“We need to make sure that it is impossible to download some malicious software centrally,” he noted during the reporting conference.

Otherwise, the development of humanoid robots will be carried out on the basis of the same software as the evolution of the autopilot of Tesla electric vehicles, which Elon Musk has repeatedly called “robots on wheels.”

Optimus, according to Musk, is by far the most advanced humanoid robot ever created.

What can Optimus robots already do?

Tesla recently showed a 30-second video of Optimus, a humanoid robot, folding a T-shirt from a basket on a table.

In fact, robots cannot yet do even this on their own. All these robot movements that we see in the video are in fact carefully thought out and pre-programmed actions. So far, we see that robots have functional joints and limbs - they can carefully handle fragile objects, but also lift significant loads.

In the future, of course, the functionality of robots will increase significantly. Musk is confident that the robot "will definitely be able to perform this and other tasks completely autonomously."

Tesla is first going to use humanoid Optimus at its plant in Texas, where they will help assemble electric cars or at least carry small loads. But the company’s management hopes that over time such robots will become reliable assistants in the everyday life of ordinary people and will be much more actively and widely used in production.

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