AI to deal heavy a blow to Google employees: Layoffs are expected in sales department

December 26, 2023  12:26

According to network sources, Google is considering the possibility of changing its business direction or downsizing a part of its sales department whose work has been automated through the deployment of artificial intelligence tools.

Earlier this year, the search giant launched a "new era of AI-based advertising" as a way to improve interactions with advertisers.

According to available data, Google's advertising division currently employs about 30,000 people, with almost half of them involved in selling ads for specific Google advertising services. The need for these employees has effectively diminished following the launch of a range of AI-based tools. It is expected that in the long term, replacing employees with artificial intelligence will help Google increase its profits.

It is worth noting that not only in the advertising business, but also in various other sectors, a significant number of people may lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence technologies. As neural networks become increasingly advanced, some professions traditionally carried out by humans may be taken over by AI.

According to research from hosting company Hostinger, artificial intelligence could replace humans in certain areas such as healthcare, transportation, and financial services, among others. It is anticipated that in the healthcare sector, especially in areas like performing administrative tasks in hospitals, artificial intelligence will replace humans more quickly than in other fields. 

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