Best video games of 2023 have been named, according to Steam users

December 25, 2023  16:28

The SteamDB service has released the ranking of the best games of 2023 on the Steam platform, taking into account not only player ratings but also the number of reviews.

The highest-rated game on Steam in 2023 is Lethal Company with a rating of 97.03%. In second place, with a slight margin of just one hundredth of a percent, is the simplified roguelike HoloCure — Save the Fans!, where virtual YouTubers take on the roles of characters. The third place goes to the 2D platformer Pizza Tower.

Also included in the top ten are Resident Evil 4, Dave the Diver, Baldur's Gate 3, and Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe.

  1. Lethal Company — 97,03%
  2. HoloCure — Save the Fans! — 97,02%
  3. Pizza Tower — 96,77%
  4. Resident Evil 4 — 96,42%
  5. VPet — 96,30%
  6. Cats Hidden in Paris — 96,27%
  7. Cats Hidden in Jingle Jam — 96,21%
  8. Dave the Diver — 95,99%
  9. Baldur’s Gate 3 — 95,85%
  10. Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe — 95,78%

Let us remind you that the video game awards ceremony The Game Awards 2023 was recently held in Los Angeles, and Baldur’s Gate 3, created by the Belgian studio Larian, was recognized as the best game of the year. This classic RPG also won five other categories: Best Community Support, Best RPG, Best Multiplayer, Best Actor and Best Voice Player. 

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