Head of Arm Holdings fears that artificial intelligence will gain control over humans

December 11, 2023  14:27

The head of the British chipmaker Arm, Rene Haas, stated that his greatest fear regarding the development of artificial intelligence is that it might gain control over humans. He called for finding a way to "shut down the system."

Given the rapid pace of artificial intelligence development, people may soon lose control over it, Rene Haas said in an interview with Bloomberg.

"I'm concerned that people are losing capabilities (compared to machines). We need to find some kind of cancel button, a backdoor, a way to turn off the system," Haas remarked.

At the same time, he highlighted that in the near future, Arm Holdings will be as crucial to the generative artificial intelligence revolution as it has been for smartphones, where its semiconductors are widely prevalent. "Changes will happen within the next five to ten years," added the company's CEO.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, previously urged authorities to regulate the use of artificial intelligence. In his view, rapidly advancing AI without government oversight could become a "threat to society" and pose a real danger to the future of humanity.

Similar concerns were voiced by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He noted that the widespread adoption of this technology raises a range of complex issues related to the workforce, legal system, bias, and much more.

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