New hacking program spying on iPhone owners using keyboard: How to get rid of it?

December 11, 2023  12:23

Hackers have developed a methodology that allows for discreet monitoring of iPhone owners using third-party keyboards. This information comes from the PhoneArena portal, citing research by Certo Software.

It is noted that malicious actors were selling harmful applications for Apple smartphones to individuals wanting to monitor their acquaintances or loved ones. The spyware posed as a third-party keyboard application, recording all typed texts and transmitting them to interested parties.

Certo Software specialists emphasized that Apple typically does not allow such applications into the App Store. However, hackers circumvent the company's protection by using the TestFlight service, designed for app testing by developers, enabling the installation of software without the need for App Store publication. This opportunity costs only $30 (about 2,750 rubles).

The authors of the research also point out that physical access to the device is required for installing malicious software. Therefore, experts recommend that iPhone owners conduct a check on their devices and remove any unknown third-party keyboards found in the "Keyboards" section of the settings.

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