iPhone SE 4 to receive battery with increased capacity, similar to iPhone 14

December 8, 2023  10:16

The iPhone SE 4, expected to be released in 2025, will have a battery similar to that found in the iPhone 14.

According to MacRumors, prototypes of this device, information about which the publication's source was able to obtain, include the A2863 battery used in the base iPhone 14 models, the capacity of which is 3279 mAh.

Considering that the new iPhone SE will presumably be based on the iPhone 14, the choice of battery seems logical. In addition to increased battery capacity, the new iPhone SE model is expected to feature a more modern platform, an Action button, and a USB-C port. It turns out that the smartphone will be even better in many ways than the iPhone 14, while it will cost less.

According to rumors and leaks, the budget iPhone SE 4 will also have the same camera as the iPhone 15. It will allow you to take more detailed photos with a resolution of 24 megapixels and use 2x digital zoom without degrading image quality.

The iPhone SE 4 is also expected to feature a notch display for Face ID and a powerful Apple A16 chip that will deliver high performance and power efficiency. Similar specifications apply to the base iPhone 15 models.

The screen of the device, according to leaks, will be 6.1-inch OLED.

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