Microsoft releases Christmas sweater: This year it's dedicated to Windows XP

November 29, 2023  11:05

Microsoft has released its annual Christmas sweater, this year dedicated to Windows XP and featuring the famous nature scene from the desktop wallpaper, which also features a mouse cursor. The sweater costs $70.

According to the description of the sweater, it can transport its wearer back to the era of Microsoft Minesweeper video game, Internet Explorer browser and jeans that drop below the waist. The sweater is 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. There is only one piece of advice in the clothing care section: "Never take it off."

In November last year, Microsoft released a New Year's sweater dedicated to the brand's own Clippy paper clip.

microsoft sweater Clippy.jpeg (247 KB)

And in 2021, Microsoft presented a sweater dedicated to the Minesweeper game.

Minesweeper.jpeg (162 KB)

Since 2018, Microsoft has released warm sweaters of its own production for the New Year's holidays and donates a part of the money received from their sales to charity campaigns.

microsoft sweaters.jpeg (138 KB)

Microsoft has also released an hour-length music video and suggests listening to it, kicking back, relaxing and going back to the XP era.

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