How to prevent smartphone battery degradation? 6 useful tips

November 28, 2023  22:08

No battery can last forever, but if used correctly, you can maintain its functionality for a long time and prevent degradation.

IT specialist Alexander Rusnak shared recommendations for properly charging a smartphone to increase battery life. Here are the expert's key tips:

  1. Avoid completely discharging: Rusnak warns about the dangers of completely discharging the battery to zero. It is recommended to replenish the battery charge when it drops to 10-20%.
  2. Do not charge to 100%: The specialist advises not to charge your smartphone to the maximum 100%, but to stop at 80-90%.
  3. Use original chargers: Using non-original chargers may shorten the battery life and even cause a short circuit. Rusnak emphasizes the importance of using certified and thoroughly tested chargers.
  4. Myths about energy consumption: The expert debunks myths about the impact of turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS on the “life” of a smartphone, arguing that these functions do not have a significant impact on the battery if they are not actively used or in the background.
  5. Fast chargers: Rusnak says modern smartphone controllers effectively control charge rates, allowing fast chargers to be used without harming the battery.
  6. Optimizing energy consumption: If you have problems with your smartphone quickly draining, the expert recommends checking background applications, reducing screen brightness and using special energy saving modes.

Following these tips can help keep your smartphone battery in good condition and extend its life.

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