Courier steals 33 iPhones, sells them to buy car for his girlfriend

November 17, 2023  16:14

In a surprising turn of events, a man in Turkey chose to steal a shipment of iPhones worth $30,000 rather than delivering them to a tech store. This incident was reported by Gizmochina.

Azim G., employed in Adana, Turkey, as a courier for a delivery company, found himself at the center of an unfortunate incident. His last assignment was to deliver 33 iPhones to a local shopping center. However, instead of fulfilling his duties, the man decided to keep the valuable package for himself.

The prices of iPhones in Turkey are notably high due to local taxes. The thief swiftly sold a significant portion of the stolen phones and managed to buy a car for his girlfriend with the proceeds. However, the criminal was promptly identified through surveillance cameras.

Following the incident, the police took action and conducted a search at the perpetrator's residence. During the investigation, the thief admitted to stealing five iPhones, which were found in his possession at home. His girlfriend claimed to be unaware that the car was purchased with stolen money.

The final decision on this matter will be made by the judicial authorities. The car and the unsold iPhones have been confiscated, and the nature of the punishment remains unknown at this time.

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