Apple mistakenly sent buyer 60 boxes of iPhone 15 Pro Max worth $96,000

November 15, 2023  10:15

Apple mistakenly sent a buyer 60 boxes of iPhone 15 Pro Max worth $96,000. The phones were delivered to TikTok user @legends_gio, who initially ordered only 4 smartphones worth $3,600 - three with 256 GB of memory for colleagues and one with 1 TB for myself.

Upon receiving the package, he found 60 devices in it, all with 1 TB of memory. In accordance with American law, the customer has the right to keep goods received due to a seller's error. However, Apple turned to @legends_gio with a request to return the “extra” smartphones, and keep the four ordered for themselves, and for free.

As a result of this situation, @legends_gio ended up with three 1 TB iPhone 15 Pro Max instead of the four he ordered and saved $1,200. The buyer took 56 smartphones to the nearest Apple Store and filmed it.

@legends_gio For the sake of privacy I cut out the footage of the man who I handed them off to #apple #iphone15 ♬ original sound - Legends_gio

It is important to note that Apple could have blocked smartphones remotely, but apparently preferred to resolve the issue directly with the client.

Note that this is not the first problem with the delivery of Apple phones recently. Thus, Tech recently talked about a user from the UK who ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max on the official Apple website and received a fake Android phone.

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