iPhone 16 will have more buttons on the body and twice as many cameras

September 26, 2023  20:35

Celebrity leaker Majin Boo has shared exciting details about the upcoming flagship smartphone iPhone 16 Ultra, also known as Pro Max. According to its post on the social network X (formerly Twitter), this mobile giant will be equipped with as many as six cameras on the rear panel.

Of the six cameras, three will perform the same functions as the current sensors in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Including main, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto modules. The remaining three, smaller in size and placed next to the main ones, will presumably be used to interact with the Vision Pro augmented reality headset, which Apple plans to release in early 2024.

In addition, the insider claims that the new iPhone 16 will receive a button to switch the mmWave mode, an ultra-high-speed data transmission technology over radio frequencies. However, this feature will only be available for the US market, where the infrastructure for this type of communication is more developed.

But the basic version of the iPhone 16 will most likely delight users with a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which will make it smoother and more responsive. However, the number of cameras on the rear panel will remain the same - only two.

New Capture button in iPhone 16

Apple continues to innovate in the design of its smartphones. After adding the action button in the iPhone 15, they are going to implement the Capture button in the next generation. This was reported by the MacRumors portal.

The unique thing about the Capture button is that it will not physically move when pressed. Instead, it will respond to touch and pressure, creating a pressing sensation using the Taptic Engine, similar to the Home button on the iPhone 7, 8 and SE. It will be located directly below the power button.

Apple previously experimented with capacitive power and volume buttons, but the company abandoned the innovation. According to sources, the Capture button will appear in all iPhone 16 models. However, the company has developed an alternative version without this button in case it is not well received or causes a negative reaction from testers. It is also possible to introduce a touch-sensitive power button, which will work in a similar way.

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will also see changes, as their screens will increase from 6.1 and 6.7 inches to 6.3 and 6.9 inches, respectively. These models will also receive a new camera block design similar to the iPhone 12.

It is worth remembering that while Apple has not officially unveiled the iPhone 16, information about it remains only rumors and leaks.

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