Pros and cons of iPhone 15 Pro: A user's perspective

September 25, 2023  12:50

Ben Schoon, editor at 9to5Google and a devoted Android smartphone user, recently shared his insights in a review of the iPhone 15 Pro, outlining the key advantages and disadvantages of this new model.


  1. USB-C Connector: Schoon highlighted the presence of a USB-C port as a significant advantage. He stressed that this adds versatility to the device, simplifying its use by eliminating the need for extra cables in various locations.
  2. "Action" Button: The editor was particularly pleased with the "Action" button, considering it a simple and ingenious feature that is notably absent in Android smartphones.
  3. Enhanced iMessage in iOS 17: Schoon praised the improvements in iMessage with the iOS 17 update, enhancing the overall messaging experience.
  4. Quick App Installation: He commended the swift installation of applications from the App Store, making it a seamless process for users.
  5. Convenient Password Autofill: iOS offers a more user-friendly password autofill system compared to Android, which Schoon appreciated.


  1. iOS Desktop: Schoon pointed out several drawbacks with the iOS desktop. He expressed frustration over the automatic arrangement of new applications on the desktop in a seemingly random order. Additionally, he missed having a dashboard at the bottom of the screen for placing icons of frequently used utilities. The inability to change the desktop wallpaper quickly without navigating through Settings also fell short of his expectations.
  2. Always-on-Display (AOD): Unlike Android smartphones, the iPhone doesn't disable colorful wallpapers when AOD is activated, which raised concerns for Schoon.
  3. iOS Keyboard: Schoon noted issues with the built-in iOS keyboard, specifically the absence of punctuation marks on the main keyboard page.

The editor promised to update the list of pros and cons for the iPhone as he continues to use the device.

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