Artificial intelligence has developed a new processor in just 5 hours: Can it compete with modern processors?

July 3, 2023  20:25

Artificial intelligence has developed a new computer processor based on the RISC-V architecture. It only took him about 5 hours.

Citing the study "Pushing the Limits of Machine Design: Computer-Aided CPU Design with AI" published on the website of the Cornell University Library, Tom's Hardware says that Chinese scientists taught AI how to design new chips based on the RISC-V architecture.

The result of the AI work was a chip called RISC-V32IA. According to Chinese researchers, the AI took 1,000 times less time to complete this task than a group of human engineers.

The processor created by the robot has a topology of 65 nm. It cannot yet compete with modern processors. Its clock frequency reaches 300 MHz, which allows it to be used to run the Linux operating system and successfully pass tests in the SPEC CINT 2000 benchmark. However, in the SPEC CINT 2000 test, the RISC-V32IA processor showed a result comparable to the Intel i486 chip released back in 1989 year.

The experience of Chinese scientists is not only of academic interest, but also has great potential for application in the semiconductor industry. The use of AI can help to significantly shorten design and optimization cycles. In addition, scientists are thinking about the possibility of developing a self-developing AI capable of improving its capabilities through trial and error.

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