What are the most popular browsers? Google Chrome remains the leader

May 2, 2023  20:02

The 9to5Mac website has compiled a ranking of the most popular browsers in the world based on Statcounter data.

Google Chrome, which has the largest market share of 66.13%, has been leading the ranking of the most popular browsers for years now.

In second place is the Safari browser, which is installed on all Mac computers, iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. This browser accounts for 11.87% of the global market.

In third place in the ranking is Microsoft Edge, which has recently been having privacy problems by sending the full addresses of almost all web pages visited by users to the Bing search engine API.

In addition, in the case of second and third places, the picture changes every year: if last year Edge was ahead of Apple's browser, this year it can be satisfied only with appearing in the top three with only 11% market share.

The fourth place in the ranking is taken by Mozilla Firefox with a 5.65% share, fifth place is Opera with a 3.09% market share, followed by Internet Explorer with a 0.55% share. By the way, Microsoft has disabled Internet Explorer browser support since February 14 of this year and advised users to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Opera has recently introduced an updated version of its browser, Opera One. According to the developers, this browser has been completely redesigned and will eventually become Opera's main offering for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. Opera One will replace the current version of the Opera browser at the end of 2023. The browser has a modular design and flexible navigation. The interface is customized depending on the user's needs and context at the time.

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