Flexible interface and AI solutions: Opera introduces new and redesigned Opera One browser

April 25, 2023  21:52

Opera has introduced its new development, the browser called Opera One. According to the developers, this browser has been completely redesigned and will eventually become Opera's main offering for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Opera One will replace the current version of the Opera browser at the end of 2023. The browser has a modular design and flexible navigation. The interface is customized depending on the user's needs and context at the time.

Opera One .png (348 KB)

Another innovation is the so-called Tab Islands, which group tabs by topic. For example, when choosing a place for lunch, a special "island" will open tabs with information about menus, places and restaurants.

The developers promise, the Tab Islands can be clearly distinguished in the interface: they are marked with separate colors and clear borders.

Tab Islands are created automatically to keep tabs on the same topic in one place. Open sites can also be combined into an island of tabs: to do so, press CTRL/Command, select the desired tabs, and then right-click. Tabs can also be moved between islands, added to existing islands, etc.

In the future, Opera One will add "powerful new features" based on artificial intelligence. It is planned to release its own artificial intelligence engine in the coming months.

An early test version of Opera One, which is still mostly intended for developers, can be downloaded here.

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