Nubia to unveil world's first tablet with AI, which 3D images can be seen without special glasses

February 17, 2023  20:41

Chinese company Nubia Technology has announced that it will soon introduce the Nubia Pad 3D tablet, which will be the world's first tablet with artificial intelligence technology.

According to, the novelty is also able to recognize human eyes and allows you to see 3D images without glasses. At least that's what the manufacturer claims, adding that the tablet was developed in collaboration with Leia Inc.

The new tablet will get two cameras, which are planned to be used for eye recognition and 3D imaging.

The company does not disclose the hardware specifications of the Nubia Pad 3D, but according to industry experts, the aforementioned technologies will require a fairly advanced processor.

Leia Inc. founded in 2014 is a U.S.-based 3D Lightfield products and software applications company and is considered an industry-leading vendor.

The full announcement of the Nubia Pad 3D will take place on February 28. However, the tablet will be unveiled during MWC 2023, which will be held in Paris from November 28 to 30, 2023.

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