Apple is facing lawsuit for collecting and using iPhone user data

January 30, 2023  21:12

Apple was sued for collecting data on citizens using iPhones, The Register reported.

The lawsuit (PDF), filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California, alleges that Apple is collecting iPhone user data in violation of the company's privacy policy.

"Apple records consumers’ personal information and activities on their mobile devices and apps, even after consumers have explicitly indicated in their mobile device settings that they do not want their data and information to be shared. This activity represents a huge amount of data that Apple collects and uses for its financial purposes," plaintiff Julia Cima claims.

The suit also cites an independent study by Mysk, which also claims that Apple tracks user data even if iPhone owners refuse to collect their personal data.

In addition, the lawsuit says that Apple monitors how users find the apps they want, how much time they spend browsing through the App Store, what they look for in the App Store, what ads they are shown and what ads they click on.

Apple has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

France recently fined Apple 1 million euros for anti-competitive policies of the App Store. In its decision, the court noted that the company put unlawful conditions for inclusion in the App Store of applications developed by French companies. In another case, Apple was fined $100 million in 2021 for the same charge.

In October 2022, a court in Brazil fined Apple $19 million and forced the company to sell its iPhone phones with a charger. Although Apple argued that the decision to sell the smartphones without a charger was based on protecting the environment, the court said in its ruling that the company's approach to the issue also saw only a desire to make more money.

It is clear that defendant, under the guise of a "green initiative," is forcing consumers to buy chargers that previously came with the product, the court said in its ruling. 

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