Scientists create robot that can become ‘liquid,’ manages to get out of cage like T-1000 Terminator

January 27, 2023  10:22

Chinese and American scientists have created a robot that can change shape and come to a "liquid" state. In the respective video shown by the developers, the robot managed to get out of the cage, like the T-1000 Terminator from the famous movie.

To create the robot, scientists from several Chinese scientific institutes, together with American colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University, used the so-called magnetic active material (MPTM), whose state can change from solid to liquid and vice versa under the influence of a magnetic field.

The robot is composed of neodymium-iron-boron magnetic microparticles integrated with gallium, a metal that melts at a fairly low temperature of 29.8 degrees Celsius. Under the influence of magnetic fields with certain characteristics, this metal can melt without a special source of heat.

In the "liquid" state, the robot can "split" into parts and then fuse back together, giving it the ability to change its shape. Additionally, the robot's shape and movements are controlled by a magnetic field.

In which domains can such robots be used?

One day in the future, this technology may become the basis for humanoid robots, which, becoming liquid, will be able to pass through any obstacle. But that day is still far away.

According to, in the more foreseeable future, the MPTM technology could be used to deliver drugs to desired organs, remove foreign objects from the stomach, and many other tasks.

Also, experts have tested the ability of this material to climb walls, overcome obstacles, break into pieces, and then reassemble.

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