Hackers use vulnerability in TikTok to hack CNN's account

June 11, 2024  19:11

Hackers took advantage of a rare vulnerability in the TikTok platform to gain access to popular accounts. In particular, they were able to use it to hack the account of CNN, and also tried to hack the account of the American media star Paris Hilton.

As reported by PCMag, hackers sent private messages containing malware to TikTok users. Once they opened the message, the attackers took full control of their accounts and were able to publish or delete content, as well as send malicious messages to others on their behalf.

A TikTok spokesperson said the company immediately patched the vulnerability and is working with affected account owners to restore access. According to the website, only two hacked accounts are known so far, but the number of victims may be higher.

Such attacks are called "zero-click attacks". Hackers commonly use them to spy on celebrities and journalists. In the case of TikTok, the main goal appears to have been to have full access to popular accounts.

Although the issue has been fixed, TikTok still needs to figure out how the criminals were able to carry out their actions and exploit the platform's vulnerabilities. Given the nature of the attack, it is not expected to affect general users.

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