Apple's new AI tool will transcribe meetings, lectures and take notes

May 27, 2024  12:23

Apple's note-taking apps are set to become more "intelligent." iOS 18 will introduce real-time audio-to-text transcription and smart annotation of text notes based on artificial intelligence technology. The AI assistant will be able to recognize speech in audio recordings and highlight key points in texts.

According to Appleinsider, Apple is developing enhanced features for audio transcription and the generation of brief annotations based on recorded speech in real-time. This will affect apps like Notes and Voice Memos, as well as some other applications. According to sources, Apple has already tested these functions in preliminary versions of the apps, which will be released as part of the iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 updates later this year.

Specifically, the Voice Memos app will include the ability to instantly transcribe audio recordings. The text transcription of speech will be displayed in the center of the app's interface instead of the traditional graphical representation of sound. To start transcribing, users will simply need to press a special button.

A similar tool will appear in the Notes app. Moreover, alongside speech transcription, the Notes app will feature automatic creation of brief text annotations based on recorded audio. These summaries, generated by artificial intelligence technology, will instantly highlight key points of the recording, providing users with a concise text summary without needing to listen to the entire audio recording.

Apple's aim is to transform the Notes app into a powerful tool for structuring various types of information by combining enhanced audio processing capabilities, speech transcription, and annotation generation. The new features of text and voice notes will significantly improve productivity for students, journalists, writers, and many others. Users can easily record lectures, interviews, ideas, and more, then receive ready transcriptions and brief summaries without the need to manually transcribe and process the audio.

Additionally, to minimize transcription errors and information summarization, the original audio recordings will be saved in Notes along with the generated text to avoid losing important data.

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