How to prevent viruses from infecting your smartphone?

February 21, 2024  20:32

If you don’t want your smartphone to “catch” viruses that can compromise personal data, including financial data, experts recommend taking a number of fairly simple but effective measures.

First of all, it is important not to click on unknown links, according to security expert Alexander Vlasov. Even if a suspicious link was sent by someone you know, you should still be careful (since his account, for example, could be hacked). At the slightest suspicion, the expert recommends calling a friend back and finding out whether he sent the link and what is in it.

We also recommend using public Wi-Fi networks with caution.

“If you connect to some government-owned types of wireless Internet in transport, you are unlikely to pick up anything. But if you are sitting in an incomprehensible place and are offered free Wi-Fi, just think about whether it is really needed,” Vlasov noted.

To protect your smartphone from malware, it is also recommended not to download or install hacked applications, and to regularly update your operating system and antivirus applications, if you have them.

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