Motorola presented a working prototype of a smartphone with a flexible screen that resembles a smart watch on the wrist

February 26, 2024  17:43

Motorola showcased a working prototype of its smartphone with a curved display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which can be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. The device was tested by The Verge.

The journalist notes that the prototype is held on the hand with the help of a special magnetic bracelet. According to her, the display is extremely flexible, and it bends backward without any issues.

Other journalists and tech bloggers also shared their impressions. According to them, the smartphone on the wrist resembles smartwatches, and the display adapts to this position, with all icons and notifications displayed at the top. Similarly, the display adapts to the folded position.

Motorola 2.jpg (41 KB)

Motorola first introduced the concept of a bracelet smartphone at the Lenovo Tech World '23 event. It features a polarized FHD+ display. In standard mode, the entire Android system is displayed on the 6.9-inch screen, just like on any other smartphone.

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