Google integrates AI into Chrome browser: What new features does it offer?

January 24, 2024  10:23

Google has proposed a fundamentally new approach to working with the Chrome browser. The company has announced the implementation of a series of AI-based features that will be a significant step towards creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the popular browser.

One of the key innovations is the Tab Organizer feature. It allows for the automatic grouping of tabs based on similar themes, significantly simplifying the management of multiple open pages. The feature is activated with a simple right-click and prompts the user to organize tabs related to, for example, online shopping or news reading. This automation greatly facilitates navigation and allows users to focus on content rather than tab management.

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Another innovation is the update of the Chrome Theme Store using AI. Now users can choose an image, style, and color scheme, based on which AI will create a unique theme for the Chrome browser. This feature is based on text-to-image generation technology, similar to that used in Android for creating generative wallpapers, demonstrating AI's ability to transform basic user requests into aesthetically appealing designs.

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The next integration of AI will be the Help Me Write feature, which will be added to the browser next month. It will offer users AI assistance in composing texts in any text fields on websites. To activate it, simply right-click on any text field, select this feature, and then the AI will ask you what you want to write, creating a first draft for you. Thus, Help Me Write promises to simplify the process of writing emails, purchase reviews, and responses to invitations.

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Apparently, the Chrome browser is becoming a key platform for Google in implementing its latest developments in AI, including the Gemini model and the AI chatbot Bard. While AI chatbots are currently popular, browsers remain the only place where developers can access practically everything. Google's search engine already serves as a kind of filter through which we see the internet, and the company aims to expand this role by incorporating AI into our search and information processing processes, as well as the creation of new content.

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