Twitter postspones rollout of $8 subscription: Will blue verification badge be available after U.S. midterm elections?

November 7, 2022  18:17

Twitter has postponed the rollout of an $8 subscription that gives you the ability to get a blue verification badge, although the employees who developed the feature have met the deadline. According to Bloomberg, the subscription will launch after the U.S. midterm elections.

According to experts, the $8 verification could allow anyone to impersonate someone else. Moreover, there have already been such cases, although that is exactly what Twitter is fighting against today.

Thus, recently Twitter administrators blocked the account of an American comedian and actress Kathy Griffin, who had over 2 million followers, because she indicated the name of Elon Musk on her Twitter page instead of her name.

Also blocked were two users who registered fake accounts of Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire, bought verification badges for them and made publications with the announcement of the new part of "Batman" and "Spider-Man".

If before Twitter gave out a warning to users before blocking their accounts, now there will be no more warnings: according to Musk, Twitter will permanently block users impersonating others, even if they have a blue verification badge. This is necessary so that people cannot mislead other users by paying $8 for a subscription and posting information under a false identity.

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