Strange problem on Instagram: Old videos lose sound

December 6, 2023  10:19

Many of the old videos on the social network Instagram have lost sound: when you try to play these videos, a notification appears that “the video has no sound.”

According to media reports, sound disappeared in videos added to Instagram from June 2013 (when video support was introduced) until October 2014. It is curious that the problem does not depend on the user’s device - there is no sound in these videos on both the computer and smartphones. The issue appears to affect all videos posted during the period, suggesting that it is caused by a glitch on the platform rather than a copyright issue.

For old Instagram users, the disappearance of sound in their videos can be a serious problem and loss, because many use this social network to store memories of important moments in their lives, and sound plays an important role in conveying the atmosphere.

It should be noted that the sound in old videos began to disappear at least several months ago: already in May and June of this year, users began to complain about this problem. Meta Platforms, the owner of Instagram, said it was working to fix the problem, but did not provide information about the cause or time frame for resolving the problem.

Meta spokesman Sein Kim apologized for any inconvenience, adding that the issue is being resolved.

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