New versions of Android's Chrome browser won't work on millions of smartphones

November 28, 2023  17:12

The support period for the Chrome browser on older versions of Android is coming to an end, as announced by Google on its support website. According to the information provided, subsequent updates of this browser will cease to function on millions of devices.

Starting from the beginning of 2024, using new versions of the popular Chrome browser will require a smartphone or tablet with the pre-installed Android 8 operating system or higher. This implies that millions of devices running on Android 7 and earlier versions will be unable to receive updated and secure versions of Chrome.

As of the end of November, the current version of the browser supported by Android 7 is Chrome 119. The company is warning users of the need to update their devices to Android 8 and above; otherwise, they won't be able to download the upcoming version, Chrome 120, scheduled for release next year.

At present, the most widespread version of Android is Release 11, with the current version being Android 14. However, many users continue to use outdated smartphones that do not receive new features, capabilities, and patches to address emerging security vulnerabilities.

Nevertheless, users who cannot afford to purchase a new device will have the option to download alternative browsers from other developers.

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